Company Profile

CABER was established in 1947 as a specialised producer of cast iron piston rings.
In 1985 was purchased from the current ownership with whom Caber already dealt with since a long time. A development programme soon started, which drove Caber to a renewal through machines and production cycle implementation.

In 1995 the company settled in a new plant in a recent industrial area: a crucial step for the expansion of Caber.

A new site, through the acquisition of a new establishment, gave birth to two new departments: the foundry, melting piston castings for the associated company in Milan, Meteor Piston, to which Caber also supplies piston rings. The research and development department,the second one, designing and building machines for the piston rings production.


It is the main business. Caber has been producing cast iron piston rings for more than 50 years, since 1947.
A long experience leading us to a deep knowledge of piston rings processing.
Piston rings progressive evolution to ensure higher and more reliable performance, fuel economy and low emissions took us to develop our manufacturing facilities and control systems.
The three main tasks of piston rings (sealing the combustion chamber, supporting heat transfer from piston to the cylinder wall and regulating oil consumption) are at the basis of the technological development of Caber.
Today, our piston rings provide reliable performances and long durability even for engines belonging to the new generation.
Keywords of the quality of Caber are:
– ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY: oval turning machining
– WIDE SELECTION of piston rings types
– FLEXIBILITY to customise clients’ needs
– TREATEMENTS AND COATINGS which guarantee rings’ durability and reduce cylinders liners wearing.
Characteristics which let Caber to become OEM supplier of the leading European producers of chainsaws, gardening and agricultural engines.


Founded in 1988, the foundry was born to mould aluminium alloyed pistons for our associated company Meteor Piston s.r.l., situated near Milan, producing pistons suitable to two strokes and little four strokes engines. In the recent years, the foundry has also started to develop new products as cylinder liners for chainsaws engines and is studying now new items to enlarge the range of castings. Thanks to a high specialised staff who experienced, in the past decades, in the main European producers factories, Caber foundry can also provide KNOW-HOW on foundry management for petrol and diesel pistons (foundry cycles, heat treatment, moulds’ design and dressing, metallurgy and general foundry automation).


Born to provide technical assistance to the machines of our factories, this department soon grew up in the manufacture of the machines themselves for the production of piston rings and pistons. We soon realised in fact, that, as producers first, we knew very well how the work of a machine should match the needs of a manufacturer of rings and pistons. Today, this department can provide KNOW-HOW on technology, rings and pistons machining for the start up of new factories as well as building new machines for outside customers.